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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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tomorrow morning presidential candidates announcing more of their visits to nevada so you can see them in town in the next couple of days. plus millions of dollars of revenue coming into the state. we're going to tell you who the top spenders so far.
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joining us. i hope you had a nice sleep last night, if you live up in my area, heck no, you you didn't because all night it long it sounded like the wind was forcing its way throughout house, everything was getting pushed up against the windows. the wind was just ferocious. >> sounded like a train. >> i was like it's going to wake up the kids. >> winds kicking up in some of the foothill areas too. we've got a storm on the way. >> good morning, tim. good morning. yeah, we have winds out there now as a result of our approaching winter storm and later on we'll start to see the arrival of moisture across the area as well. temperatures not a big part of the story. yeah, they're looking pretty mild for this time of year with a high of 61 in reno-sparks but keep in mind that is a brief 61 degrees before the cold front gets here and really drops our
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the winds. so it's not going to feel like a sunny day at 61 degrees, that's just a technicality, what's really a bigger part of the story the winds going to be picking up and they're already doing so gusting to 62, even 70 for some of the more wind prone areas, and the higher elevation stronger winds. here's a breakdown, 25 to 35, gusting to 6 o ridge tops 105 and tonight 20 to 30 gusting up to 115. snow saturdays this afternoon and evening for the mountains and rain below 7,000 feet at first ask then changing over to snow as the snow level drops. in the valleys the wind picking up again, 25 to 35, gusting to 60, win prone areas up to about 70 or so miles per hour and tonight they'll ease just a little bit 20 to 30 gusting to 45, and rain showers will arrive this evening for the valley locations. by
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reaches the valley floor. so a heads up for that. higher amounts in the sierra, 10 to 20 above 7,000, 4 to 10 in tahoe. 1 to 3 in north valleys and up to 2 inches in a couple of spots. more coverage to come. back to you. the we beginning with the count down to the caucuses. presidential hopeful ted cruz will be making stops in northeastern nevada next week and his wife is town today. she'll be speaking at a luncheon. the event begins at 7 and is expected to end around 10. to see his full schedule and how you can get tickets to his events head to our sister station's website at and presidential hopeful jeb bush is also going to be make a stop in reno. he's host a town hall.
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although it is open to the public space is limited. . and donald trump will also be in nevada on caucus day, he's going to hold a rally, doors open at 10 in the morning and the event kicks off at noon. it is free, however admission is on a first come, first served basis. and the count down is also onto saturday's caucus. the national nurses united bus made its way through nevada yesterday. there it is there. the bus meets with students and nurses and pass out flyers to explain exactly how to caucus. >> and of course it is a big week for national politics here
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millions of dollars in campaign ads flooding our air waves. >> reporter: presidential candidates pumping money into the air waves and it's interesting to look at how much money they're spending to reach your living room. according to the latest ad spending numbers from s and g delta and nbc news these the top four overall ad spenders or both side of party lines, jeb bush banking on $80.9 million, rubio is spending $50.4 million, sanders 25 million and clinton 20 million. but here's where it gets interesting, when you look at nevada the candidates spending nearly twice as much this week than last week and a clear reversal on who's putting more money into the state. last year
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now, this week clinton is outspending sanders her campaign spending $3.3 million and sander spending $3.2 million. the candidates really fighting for nevada moving ahead into the caucus this weekend there is no clear projected winner. now, let's take a look at the top spender overall this week, team clinton topping it out at $3.3 million, sanders coming in second at $3.2 million. rubio spending the most at $560,000. but clearly nowhere near how much sanders and clinton spending on campaign ads in nevada. >> again, you can find a more sister station's website, that's well, on the crime watch this morning we now know the identity of a person who was the victim of a deadly stabbing reno. he's a
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sparks police initially arrested a 32-year old on sunday for driving a stolen vehicle. then they found out during their investigation that he had stabbed a man in reno. police checked his apartment and found a body inside. police say he ultimately admitted to the murder. there are no other outstanding suspect necessary this case. also this morning carson city sheriffs office is asking for the public's help in finding a missing woman, she is also known as byers and was last seen when she was released from the carson city jail in july of 2015. she's described as a hispanic woman 40 years old bell five feet 3 inches tall. she has brown hair and brown eyes. she does have the word june tattooed on the right side of her neck. if you have any
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number on your screen. and local native american tribe is among several in the state to receive millions of dollars from the u.s. government. >> reporter: hey, good morning. this is an annual grant that's given out by the u.s. department of housing and urban development and this year they're goingo be giving nearly $15 million to tribes throughout the state but locally they're going to be getting 1.3 million and it will help them operate the housing developments, and this is the 80th anniversary from when the federal government first gave them the land they're currently on. they've expanded since then. now, in addition to the homes they do have a colony, and back in the 1980s that is when they were given that land nearly 2,000 acres over there with another 160 houses. now, in addition to both of those pieces
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this colony does have and all this grant money goes towards the upkeep and helps to expand on development house that is they already do have on the other two properties. a spokesperson for the tribe told us yesterday that this money is very crucial to their success. >> in the united states homeowner ship is part of the american dream, and that's no less the case in indian country, and our leadership wants to make sure that all of our community members specifically our tribe balancely enrolled members have access to that dream and thanks to the operating budget and grant from hud we're able to have a department that dedicates it socially to making sure that our community has the community. >> reporter: now, she also was american indians have multi
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want you to learn more and how the money is going to help just head over to our website later this morning. back to you. coming up next justice
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the supreme court w welcome back.
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morning out there. 58 degrees at 7:00 in the morning on your wednesday. we're going to get your forecast with tim as we have a storm headed our way in a few. but first justice scalia's death can lead to a four to four decision on some major issues before the supreme court which in turn could uphold the ruling in lower courts. >> but at least one tough case could still be decided and that's affirmative action. we talked to an expert who explains what could happen next. >> reporter: the case fisher versus the university of texas challenged the affirmative of the school's policy. when it came to the high court judge scalia angered his critics with a review of affirmative action and with liberal justice already recused from this case that leaves 7 supreme court judges, and now relies on kennedy who has rendered unpredictable
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>> he's going to likely vote for the majority which would be a 4 of of-3 majority, now, the question of what that would be is the big question. >> reporter: the ruling could only affect the university of texas, demand more transparence for other universities nationwide, or outright ban affirmative action as unconstitutional. >> that is probably most likely going to happen because it would be a pretty big change but it could happen. >> reporter: with a written decision on affirmative action expected in this term they say it's back to the drawing board for the remaining 7. >> very few leaks come out of the supreme court which is a good thing, but this changes everything about what they're doing. . >> president obama gives his strongest criticism yet about a candidate running for president speaking with reports on tuesday
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america will make a sensible choice and donald trump isn't it. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. >> well, donald trump responded to the president's comments during a forum in south carolina. trump said: obama has done a quote lousy job as president, end quote and he would have defeated him in 2012 had he run. he also said that he considers his criticism quote a great compliment. nevada rancher and anti-government activist bundy remains in a jail cell this morning after a judge denied him bail. the court ordered he remain behind bars saying he's a flight risk. he led about 400
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over grazing rights on federal officials eventually backed off but he was of arrested last week where he flew to support his sons at a separate stand off. he could spend the rest of his life in prison if he's convicted. apple says it will not help investigators break into the shooters. a judge in california ordered the company to help the fbi get into farook's phone but apple said that's a government overreach. the company said that the move could make millions of devices vulnerable to hackers. investigators have his phone, but it's locked with a pass code they can't penetrate. him and his wife killed 14 people in december before dying in a shoot out with police. the government says that it owes it -- to the
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investigation every aspect of the attack. china deployed surface to air missles. satellite imagery shows the deployment on an island. china says deployment is appropriate and reasonable. mexican drug lord el chapo is complaining that life behind bars is too rough on him according to his attorney who spoke on the radio yesterday. he had el chapo told him that guards wake him up every ofwo hours which feels like torture. he says that he's getting so little sleep that he feels like a zombie. the drug lord escaped from prison last year but he was rearrested last month and he's now under much closer watch. . tim joins us now with a look at our forecast tone wednesday. >> good morning to you o we have
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as we speak as well as increasing rain and snow later on into the day today. the first waves of rain just starting arrive for the western sierra but we'll really see the more steady stuff later today. evening and overnight is the best chance for western nevada as well. the snow level will lower as we head into the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning as well. so that will bring the level down to the valley floor by tomorrow morning. there could be some slick roads. for now a very mild start. we are in front of the cold front right now. it hasn't passed through yet. so our temperatures in the upper 50s at the moment here in reno-sparks but that's going to change once the cold front comes through. portion 40s, and 50s across the area. we'll see the storm start to push through. and that's the biggest part of the story during the daylight hours today and eventually we'll start to see the increase of
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we're already seeing upper elevation of snow south of tahoe as well as a little bit of rain for the lower elevations of the western side of the sierra. and the other side over towards sacramento. we'll continue to see an increase of moisture as we go through the day today and that's going to lead to upper elevation snow and lower elevation rain showers. so again through the afternoon hours we're looking at spotty coverage and things will increase later this afternoon and evening hours. and then by tomorrow morning the snow level will lower, so that means spill over snow showers into parts of western nevada and tomorrow afternoon things really quieting down for us across the area and it's much quieter heading back into the weekend. lots of weather alerts out there the pink is a winter storm warning and then there's all sort of wind alerts out there. we're going to focus in on the wind alerts this time around because that's the bigger part of the story. we have an advisory for
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out of the south 20 to 235, we have a lake wind advisory, south wind 20 to 30 gusting to 50 and wave heights of three to five feet, that is in place for the day today and in western nevada including reno-sparks down through carson city a high wind warning is in effect from 8 a.m. today to 10 p.m. tonight. gusting to 60, wind prone areas up to about 70 or so mile per hour gusts. so we do have a good amount of wind out there today, then the moisture starts to arrive mainly the bulk will be this evening through tomorrow morning with a lowering snow level. tomorrow morning we could see some slippery roads. the sierra passes going to be difficult during are this storm. once again but heading into thursday afternoon beyond we're quiet and starting warm up again. back over to you.
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pack of four coming up in our 8:00 hour.
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us for your chance to win. welcome back. we're going to take a look at what's trending on social media. a new wing of a children's hospital is going to bare the name of actor jennifer lawrence. she donate two million dollars. the facility will help children recovering from open heart surgeries, heart transplant, fail your and other cardiac conditions. also trending this morning if you didn't notice monday night during the grammys rhianna was mia. her doctor put her on focal rest for 24 hours. she
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there. thanks for your support tonight. students at a california high school currently battling with administrators over the prom dress code because they say really it targets girls. here's the deal. students complaining that there are over 20 restrictions for the girls and one or two restrictions for the boys. this year students at the high school even required to sign a contract about the dress code before they are allowed to buy the ticket or they'regoing to be denied entry. one student was almost kicked out of the prom last year for wearing a dress that had a see through patch close to the neck line, now, she says restrictions could be set by parents, not by the school. she says that her parents arabic american and already strict about what she has to wear. so if they approve the school should as well. >> shouldn't it be up to the parents? we're asking you what you think on facebook. post your comments.
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hear from you.
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. a local event is helping out a great cases here in our community. why you should head down to a river walk district for a glass of your favorite wine this weekend. and sells number wills -- sales numbers are out for the iphone how they did and what this can mean for company shareholders.
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for a tesla, we'll have a more affordable option. meless melissa and weather with tim studebaker. hey, good wednesday morning, everyone. 731 on the wednesday morning. talk about a busy week for politics. it was announced yesterday that several republican candidates will be coming to the silver state before and on the day. just a crazy time in our state. >> two days in fact. first one saturday and second one tuesday .t is gonna be a long drawn out event. most other states, one day. one and done. >> it was a funny thing getting calls like crazy. i'm sure you have too. people wanting to know if you're gonna be going do the caucus. we have caucus locations by the way on our website. >> yeah, on our sister station
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>> my news the phone at your house might not stop ringing. >> texts too. if you gotten any texts? >> yep, and a knock on my door every day. >> busy, busy time. busy for meteorologist tim studebaker. >> we have a winter storm just approaching the area now so seeing the increase of the winds out there at the moment. 61-degrees for the high in reno- sparks, that is early in the day before the winter storm gets going for us and not gonna feel all that nice out there because the winds are out there, pretty cloudy, and we'll have some moisture by the evening hours into the overnight hours as well so 61 is not the bigger part of the story, winds and eventually rain and snow depending on elevation. winds are a big part today. southwest winds 25 to 35 toed. the winds today in the sierra out of the southwest at 25 to
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but ridge tops about 105 during the daylight hours today. the ridges up to 115. snow starts this afternoon and evening above 7,000 feet in the sierra. below 7,000 feet it'll be rain changing over to snow while it will lowers in the valley. winds today southwest 25 to 35 gusting to 61. wind prone areas up to 70 miles per hour gusts possible. rain showers will arrive this evening and then continue intos overnight hours tomorrow morning while the know level gets down to the valley floor in the morning levels. 0 to 1 for most locations. it's a wind and rain event. 1 to 3. upper foothills, 3 to 7. 4 to 10 at ta had, o. >> happening today rtc
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residents about improving safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. they're invited to share their ideas and comments ab the rtc's complete street streets master plan. happening at a workshop tonight from 5 to 7:00 p.m.. meanwhile the american red cross of northern nevada is offering free smooshing alarms and installation. that is part of their home fire pre-parredness campaign. this aims to reduce injury ands deaths from home fires by 25 percent. you can call (202)716-9418 to schedule and receive your free smoke alarm. the river walk district does way more than just allow the community to drink wine outside downtown. people may notnow is how much money they actually donate to nonprofit ins the area. in the past 6 years, river walks association has donated
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this month it's all about the truckee meadows. >> we can provide an avenue for them to help us complete our mission. >> the wine walk is this saturday from 2 to 5:00 p.m.. for all the details on how you can get for ticket ands parking as well, head over to our sister station's website, my news we are in the middle of random acts of kindness across the nation. ryan joins us live from inside the coffee shop where customers have an unexpected surprise later this morning. ryan. >> good morning, melissa. we're gonna head inside in a little bit. random acts of kind ness. you gave me an orange for breakfast. today happening inside the coffee shop.
7:36 am
bank locally here. david joins us. tell us about what's going on today? >> we want to be a catalyst for good in the community and the bank has been doing random acts of kindness for 20 years. so during the week, we want to focus on it and get people to recognize what's going on this week and inspire people to do more good. >> and you guys are buying coffee for everyone who comes in and starting in probably just a couple minutes or 10 so. why this specificsly? why this specific random act of kindness? >> we try to be ran come and coffee is a thing you do every day. you're not expecting to go in and have people treat you coffee so we just pick a coffee shop, go inside andbuy out the coffee for the customers. >> absolutely. we're gonna head inside and see how that goes down in the next half hour. we'll be back here to sew you everyone's response towards getting that free cup of joe in just a little bit.
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so some consumer news, a treasurer secretary says there shouldn't be a 100-dollar bill. if should be scrapped to make life more ditch cult for tax cheat ands. harvard business schools said it would have little downside. it would make life far more difficult for people who are breaking the law. it also calls for an end of the uk's 50-pound note and the 1,000 swiss frank note and also the 500 ewe row note. don't count the iphone out gussets. last month was the best january for the iphone since 2000 back when the original iphone came out. january iphone sales have fallen by an afternoon of 11 serpent month to month. they're trading under a $100 a share but could go to $200 in
7:38 am
ups is planning to imdate passport services. they announced last year they would allow customers to schedule passport photos. they said an increase last month and it's in response to an expect surge in demand as nearly 50 million passports expire over the next three years. >> the court: and the nation's largest airline is suing the company that provides wifi for its planes because it's too slow. the airline believes it has a bitter officer from a competitor and once out of it is goer contract, the -- gogo contract. gogo has a certain amount of time to purr suede the airline to stay. it has new technology that will deliver a much better wifi experience for fliers but roll out will be slow.
7:39 am
crystals in the superman movies, now there's a real life equivalent. sophisticated laser engraves data onto tiny quart crystal glass disks using nano structures. pretty much to about 22,000 iphones. well a 400carat day monday was found in the african county of anggeorgetown chimes lacks facts. it's flawless. the company says it's entirely transparent making it defeat valuable and rare. it could be worth about $20 million. the discovery is a 27 largest diamond ever recorded. look at that. there is now a way for your child to have their very own tesla. that's right.
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website that it will begin shipping mini tesla model cars for $449. they were created for ages 3 to 8. working head heights, spacious insteerer, and a trunk in the front of the car. per hour. preorders are now open and the cars will ship in may. coming up, thousands of black tipped sharks are currently swarming the waters near an american coastline.
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coming up and take a will come back. -- welcome back. your time now is 743. i'm sorry for that face i was giving because i can't -- i don't have my glasses on so i can't see. >> want me to talk over.
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it was the crack that was the issue. it's 58-degrees. sharks take over florida waters. tornado hit the panhandle and girl scout cookie season is underway. >> seth has all the details in today's take a look at this. >> take a look at this insane aerial video. all those black dots you see in the water, sharks. tens of thousands of black ship sharks are swarming the water off the florida coast. this is part of their annual migration pattern. along the florida panhandle, several tornadoes touch down monday night. a county was hard hit. this tornado in century damaged dozens of building and tons of people without power and several schools closed. yay, girl scout cookies. >> look at all those girl scout
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volunteers were on hand to distribute tens of thousands of cases of cookies. take a look at this, i'm seth. >> got ours yesterday. it's that time of year again. >> not fair. i did whole 30 when girl scout cookie season is out. >> and the super-er bowl. that was a brave girl. >> i feel amazing. >> you look amazing too. let's toss it over to tim. he's amazing also. increasing rain and snow across the area. once we get to the evening hour ands overnight, that's the best chance for rain in the lower elevations and snow in the upper. lowers snow level as we head towards tomorrow. right down to some of the valley floor locations. not expecting much of an impact for the floors. some slippery roads by tomorrow morning. 58-degrees at only 745 in the morning.
7:46 am
here so winds picking up out there. gusts up to about 40 so far and we're looing for even more winds at the day goes on. 30s, 40s, and 50s out there across the area. once again, the wind and clouds during the overnight kept temperatures from falling all that much. the wind is gonna be with us through the day today and moisture too. the werner half of the sierra is seeing that moisture and snowfalling in the slopes of the say area rain chances at the moment. most of the eastern slopes pretty quiet out there but the increase. moisture. the increase of moisture up into the mountains and spilling over into the valleys of western nevada. the bulk falls overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning while the snow level falls to the valley familiar by tomorrow morning so a change over to snow is in the future for us as we head toward thursday morning.
7:47 am
be ending by then, by thursday afternoon, we're pretty much back to quiet weather and dry across the area. briesy though. it's gonna come to an end shortly after it changes over to snow at the lowest elevations. rights now the travel is not too terribly difficult. it's getting worst in the zone sierra with snow showing up. if you look towards this evening and tomorrow morning, difficult travel because of the snowfalling in the upper elevations. by tomorrow even, things will the sierra passes mostly because that's where the snow. looking towards some of these alerts out there. wind alerts in place and winter storm warning in the sierra and out towards the southeastern side of the state a wind advisory. southwest winds on that side of the state 20 to 30 gusting to 50. back to the sierra and western nevada in the next half hour.
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evening into tomorrow morning. that's the bulk of it. starting with wind and light shower activity in the western sierra but most ovthe bulk overnight tonight this everyoning into tomorrow morning then coming to an end during your thursday afternoon for a much quieter pattern. students at a california high school are basketballing with administrators with prom dress code because they say it targets girls. students are complaining there are over 20 restrictions for girls and one or two for boys. they're even required to sign a contract about the dress code before they are allowed to buy a ticket or denied interest entry. a student was almost kicked out of prom last year for wearing
7:49 am
through patch by the neckline. her parents are arabic americans and already strict with her clothing. who should set the limit? should it be the parents or the school? all right, eubaldo would love to god g and had hear what you say? >> i think the parents are should set the limit. it's time that we stop bothering kids about what they wear and prom, hey, they're gonna wear something fun for them. let them have fun. >> part of this too is that, you know, really the school wants to have it a certain way. at the end of the day, it's the school itself, the administrators taking care of those kids for those two, three hours for prom so shouldn't they have a say in it as well. glen? >> there's only 20 restrictions on prom dresses, really?
7:50 am
different kinds of prom dresses. for guys, there's one kind of tux exempt for different colors of tucks so i would kay of course we're gonna have more prestrictions for the girls. >> kate, i'm sure you spent that time looking at dresses and shop withing girlfriends and making sure everything matched. you spent a lot of time and money to get the perfect dress. what do you think about the school says, whoa, we're group of people that have a say in it too. >> without giving away my age it wasn't as big of a deal then. we wouldn't dress inappropriately back then so it's necessary and you can't leave it up to the parents because have you seen the way some of these girls go out of the house to school every day so the mother and daughters, i get it . and the school has an image to protect as well. they don't want their pictures flashed all over social media. this is our school.
7:51 am
the dress last year. i saw it. it wasn't bad. that was okay. it pushed the envelope and girls love to do that at 17. it's absolutely necessary. it's about fun and dancing and spending time together. it's not, you know, who can be the sexiest. >> yeah,. >> so i think it's necessary. >> we would love what you would have to say. post your comments on our facebook and google plus page. morningings on fox 11 wants to send you you to monster fish series at the museum. we're giving away a family four
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stay with us for your welcome back, everyone. 755 on your wednesday morning. we know the importance exercise has on our body,ment but what about workouts that target or brains. >> should we shell out time and money for games that we're told will make our brain work better. >> brain development starts in utero. there's a long period of time in which the brain matures. >> after that's it pretty much a downward slide. >> after fully developed it's like the rest of the body.
7:56 am
>> that's why brain games come into the equation will promises with less forgotfulness and better thinking power. >> the question that then pops up is to what degree do these cognitive tasks that you packed maintain cognitive skill in real world taskings. >> there's some real things we can all do. healthy living and a fair apt of exercise will keep your brain strong. >> both the social and emotional inter-alaskas that you have and more broad types of activities in which you engage are related to maintaining that level of function that optimal levels. >> if you want to play a few brain games now and then, it's probably not the worst thing you can do but don't forget to get outside, see people, and
7:57 am
brain for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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that's what's happening behind us this morning. a random act of kindness. come down to the coffee shop and get your free cup of coffee. we'll tell you who's paying for it throughout the rest of the morning. presidential caned dates continue to -- candidates make your way up to the caucuses. where you can see a few of them. how bernie sanders got his message out yesterday without being here himself. you're watching morningings on fox 11 connecting northern
8:01 am
good morning, thank you for joining us here. second hour of the show and for some people, a rough night last night with the wind. we've got a storm blowing in that could be a little bit of a boost for our snow pack and higher elevations. really what we're looking for is all those ski resorts. >> 8 to 10-inches at some of the resorts. >> hard to think about snow when it's 72 yesterday. >> the temperature a little while was 58-degrees this morning. it's crazy to think it's so warm but there you go. >> yeah, let's toss it over to tim to see what we have in store. >> the winds are picking up out there and the result of the winds and the cloud that we had during the overnight period that kept the temperature from falling much overnight so even though, yes, it's a high of 61, we're only a couple of degrees away from that right now, we're
8:02 am
whole day and a sunny day for 61-degrees. it's gonna be cloudy and windy and moisture arriving later on as well so 61 is 61 but not gonna feel all that great out there. southwest winds at 25 to 35 gusting to 60 to 70 for the daytime hours today. that's the biggest thing you're gonna notice for the day today is the winds in the sierra winds southwest 25 to 35. ridge tops as high as 105 miles per hour. tonight southwest 20 to 30 gusting. that's the wind forecast for today and tonight in the sierra and the snow starts this evening. there is a little bit of snow in the zone sierra right now but the bulk will be later on into the nighttime hours. rain at first below 7,000 and changing over to snow tonight and into tomorrow morning. valleys wednesday southwest 25 to 35 gusting. the winds ease up just a little bit the only thing. rain sure showers arrive this
8:03 am
floor as the system comes to an end tomorrow morning. here's how much snow we're talking. 10 to 20-inches of snow. 4 to 10 at taho. lower levels could get up to an in. 6789 radio frequency inrain showers as well as winds. we'll talk more many a little bit. back over to you. we begin this hour with decision 2016. on the republican side, ted cruz will be making several stops in northern nevada next week and his wife is in town today speaking ott the washoe women's lunch in. tid will hold a valley on foster drive in reno. begins at 7 and ends around 10. smew also presidential hopefully jeb bush ask gonna be making a campaign stop in reno.
8:04 am
huffaker elementary school. ent starts at 6. open to public, space is limited. --en event starts at 6. donald trump will also be in northern nevada on caucus day, tuesday february 23. he's gonna be hold ago rally in the rose ballroom in the nugget casino and sparks. doors open at 10:00 a.m. and kicks off at noon. admission on a first come first serve basis. >> the count down is also onto this saturday's caucus. the national nurse's bernie bus yesterday. the bernini bus meeting with student ands nurse ands they pass out placards and fliers on how to caucus. >> it is safe to say the groups are spending some money here
8:05 am
you. hillary taking the lead spenting $3.3 in nevada. $3.2. and marco rubio who spent a lit the more than half a million. despite opposition, president obama side yesterday he intends on nominating a replacement for the late justice, antonin scalia. the big question, is when can we expect that? we spoke with chad smuker of the president of the national jew divisional college in reno. . he says the battle over his successor isn't that surprising. smuker says throughout the last few decades, political fights are typical. gop are arguing that filling justice scalia's seat should be left for the next president.
8:06 am
have to be reconsidered. >> there will be votes that will be deadlocked. it'll will 4-4. if he was there and depending on who fills that eurostep which, he or she could vote either way. could be 4-5 or 5-4. you don't know. the court will be hamstrung and if you're looking for some guidance, is this constitutional? >> smuker says the says the current trend is somebody who served on an appellant court and went to harvard or quail, yale. sparks police arrested may kell on sunday for driving a stolen vehicle. during their investigation, officers learned that robins may have stabbed a man in reno. they checked the apartment and found his body.
8:07 am
admitted to the murder. no outstanding suspects in this case. >> the court: and this morning, the carson city sheriff's office is asking for your help in finding a missing woman. dan that is also know as dana buy eurosteps last seen when she was released from the carson city jail? july of 20156789 according to to police, she's a hispanic woman who's 40 years old. approximately 5-foot 3 and weighs 135 pounds. she has brown hair and brown eyes. has the word june tattooed on the right side of her neck. any information on her ware abouts, contact department jared adamses at that number on your gene, it 837854. -- 283-7854. a veteran's resource you may not know about. it's credited be getting veterans off the street last year. the va for homeless vets center
8:08 am
police say 6 people had to be relocated because of unsafe and health richardson living facilities. the veterans facility provides a safe place for vets to do laundry, shelter, and food. it provides the needs they need for counseling. he's soccer now and employed thankings to the office. >> it took me nine rehabs. i was sober five and a half years one time. it's taken my nine rehabs to get over four years. you never stop trying. >> for more information on veteran services just visit our sister station's website, my news it's now 808 on your wednesday morning, many across the country are brewing a fresh cup of coffee to start the day, many locally are being treated to one. ryan joins us live showing exactly how one company is
8:09 am
>> yeah, good morning, sam. it's happens inside the coffee shop here. they're baying for people's coffee. this is something umpolia has been doing your years. it's happening inside this coffee shop. we're joined with the banks locally. why is this something specifically this event. why are you doing in but why the random acts overkindness so important? >> just to spend the word and do something nice for someone. if you're in the drive up, pay for the person behind you. in the tolls, pay issue the person behind you. every event a person does that for, take a picture and send state convention to hash tag umpolia acts and we're gonna donate money to a charity. >> random acts of kindness week, why specifically coffee? that's obviously something
8:10 am
>> it's just to do something unexpected. you don't expect to walk into a local business and buy -- and you expect to pay for your coffee and do your normal routine so it's something to highlight the day and make your day and hopefully you pass it on. >> still going on for about the next 15 miens or so. we're gonna be here and film people getting their free coffee. >> all right, thanks, ryan. well, you may remember him for his awkward laugh and big adventures. but now he's back and hilting the road. when and where you can see pee wee hermann's next film.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
you're welcome back, everyone. it is now 814 on your wednesday morning. 56-degrees here in reno. don't let that temperature fool you. a storm is headed our way. well, our reno blog we muched to tell you about a diaper drive happening in town. we have one at reno moms blog. >> why could people cricket to this diaper drive?
8:15 am
it's really something we take for granted. 30 diapers let's change it. for those who are less fortunate and don't have the income to get diapers all the time. they end up reusing old diapers or paper sack ands leading to a lot of complications such as diaper rash and other health baby. >> yeah, you know, you don't realize that we're expecting our baby in about 8 week ands we've started to buy diaper ands you real don't realize how expensive they are. you know this, why is it so important that this diaper drive is available to families here in our area? >> it seems like a never ending psychophysical you can't afford diapers. if you can't afford diapers, you can't get them into day car and you if can't afford day care, you can't work. the biggest need is for sizes
8:16 am
really trying to make an effort getting back into the work force and need diapers to do that. >> they go through the newborn diapers so fast and grow out of them, maybe think about getting those bigger sizes if you are contributing to that time i wanted to ask you too, you guys do a lot to give back. what is your 23 years, 23 deeds campaign? >> we've been around for 23 years so i went to our company and our group and said, how do we want to celebrate this year? they decided we wanted to do something really big for the community so it was our goal that for every year we've been around to actually do that many good deeds so this is our first good deed to kickoff the year for us. we'll be doing more throughout the year and hopefully it just keeps on continuing as we get holder. >> that is fantastics. a little bit goes a long way. one package of diapers helps a family like you wouldn't believe. these are all the of the
8:17 am
drop off diapers now through fen 29. if we don't have all the time to go to the locations. >> they can go to reno moms block and on our facebook pain. >> who should they get in contact with if they need the diapers? >> the women and children's center of sierra. >> fantastic. we'll have all of this again on our facebook page. feel free to share if you know a family in need. good morning to you. winds increasing across the area with the approach of our winter storm. quiet so long feeling different out there for today. increasing rain and snow across the sierra first and into western nevada valleys. the first line is already in this sierra but weaker. the bulk will fall into the overnight hours as well. starting to see a little bit of moisture but most will come later on. lowers the snow levels into tomorrow morning.
8:18 am
7 or so thousand feet to the floor. tomorrow morning we could be seeing falling down to the valley floor. not expecting a big accumulation on the floor item. 56 in town. 29 miles per hour sustained wind gusting into the 40 plus miles per hour range so seeing those wind here at the airport as welt. 34 percent humidity at the moment. 30, 40s, and 50s across the area. those temperatures won't be mild for much longer. temperatures will fall once the coltedder air moves into the area. lots of cloud cover and snowfalling in the southern see area ya at the highest elevations. the rest of the sierra there. this is not the main bulk of the moisture. more is to come later on. see that here on futurecast. the bulk of the moisture get here for the evening hours into the overnight hours as snow above 7,000 feet with rain below 7,000 feet at first in the sierra. western nevada as the snow level lowers down to the valley
8:19 am
by the afternoon hours tomorrow, things welcome coming to angend so the toughest travel and the best chaps for moisture will be this evening through the overnight into tomorrow morning then starting to tamer off. lots of -- taper off. wind related alerts for western nevada over towards the eastern side of the state as well. talk about that winter storm warning going from 7:00 p.m. to noon tomorrow. above 7,000 feet 12 to 20. starts at 7:00 p.m.. that's the bulk of the moisture. it's already raining and snowing in a few spots. at lake level four to ten inches of snow. winds out there too gusting at times 55 to 60 in parts of the sierra ridge gusts up to 105. 10 to 20-inches of snow with a winter storm warning and gusty winds there too. 7 day forecast that storm for this evening into tomorrow morning. tapers off for the second half
8:20 am
weekend. gonna get another extended break there. back to the 50s by friday with sun and clouds. a grahamy honoraries. a much loved characters. >> david daniell has it all in today's holiday minute. >> where you headed? >> drive, pitch squeak. >> netflix is releasing the first full trailer as his upbeat character sets out on a vacation of a lifetime. it premiers march 18. the grammys paid off for more performers than one.
8:21 am
he was the focus of an all star tribune. gerard butler has one line to remember, drivers, start your engines. the star of the upcoming movies gods of egypt and london has fallen will ride around the track in a ceremonial car before the race begins. tough i gig. with the hollywood minute, i'm david daniell. >> seeing pee wee hermann still makes me smile. >> were you raise welcome west division him on saturday mornings? >> yes. >> i love that. switching gears, fox 11 wants to send you to the monster fish series at the museum. today and tomorrow on the show, we're giving away a family four back for you to go beneath the surface in the worth's rivers, swim with mysterious janets.
8:22 am
for your chance to win call us at 336-6270. that number on your screen. be the number four caller and
8:24 am
stay with us, everybody, for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
8:25 am
welcome back. take ago look at what's trending on social media. you can ride like oo7 if you're willing to pay for it. james bond ride is going up for auction this week. the car was created solely for the latest bond film speck torr. it will sell for $2.1 million. you can't drive on the road because it doesn't have any of the necessary road certifications but boy, it look
8:26 am
jeb bush used twitter to woo south carolina voters. the post went viral in a bad way. he tweeted a photo with a handgun with a personalized insignia that read, gov jeb bush. bash lash jokes flooded social media sites and it was after he visited a firearm company in south carolina the tweet was a nod to the appearance at the gun factory. >> we went to a gun manufacturing facility where a lot of jobs are created. >> strange twist here, cbs news reports about a cited post refersing a bush suicide. the campaign called that news report absolutely inexcusable
8:27 am
and demanding an apology. cs news has not responded to
8:29 am
8:30 am
stay with us, these customers are about to find out at this coffee shop, they're about to get their coffee for free. tell you who's give giving it out in the next couple of minutes. the mountain west announced it's all conference preseason teams for baseball. which three nevada players made the cut. community involvement is a major part of tom's business plan but lately he has had to step back from his normal routine.
8:31 am
up at fox morning news at 11. a good we understand morning, everyone. 8:30. last half hour of the show. hopefully for morning is off to a great start and you got some sleep. the wind didn't really pick up until i was leaving for works around 3:30 for you and you, you guys had the wind throughout the night. >> yeah, it seemed like it really start today pick up. i guess the first time i woke up was around 2. >> yeah, i was just outside, it's not bad right now. doesn't seem bad anyway. not here at the station. it's gonna get a little windier today. toss it other to tim. >> so far at the airport we've seen gusts up to the 40 miles per hour range. today as well. temperatures not a big part of the storm. warm temperatures for this time of year. we have a storm upon us so it's
8:32 am
it's gonna feel like a windy and cloudy and kind of wet later on today as well. 61 is not really telling the story. what does tell the story, the winds speeds that will be out there. southwest winds between 25 and 35. gusting up to 60 and even 70 for some of the more wind prone areas. for the day today in the mountains, southwest winds 25 to 35 gusting to 55 to 40 miles per hour. ridge stops gusting as high as 105. for tonight, we'll see an ease of the winds a little bit for most elevationings of the sierra. gagging to 45. but the ridges gusting to about 115. increasing snow above 7,000 feet through the day today mostly into the afternoon and epievening hours. the bulling is during the evening and overnight hours. falling now and building more later on especially into the nighttime hours. increasing rain and changing over to snow. that includes at lake level -z
8:33 am
valleys of western nevada, a windy day today. 70 easing a little bit tonight. increasing rain today but mostly this evening and tonight and into tomorrow morning as well as the snow level lores down to the valley floor. it's mostly a wind and rain event but up to an inch in some areas. 4 to 10 at toho and above 7,000 at 10,000. we're in the middle of random acts ovkindness week across the nation and companies are spreading the love locally. inside spill coffee shop where customers are getting an unexpected treat this morning. >> good morning. all these people in line are about to find out anelaces they're hearing me talk right now that they're about to get a free cup of official hotel key. it's all for -- coffee.
8:34 am
they're giving away the coffee for free and that's been going on for the last hour or so. it's the free cup of coffee. you got a free cup of coffee. did you expect that? >> no. how you dog? >> really surprised. this is great because i'm used to reaching into my wallet and feeling guilty and when they said it was free, i felt guilty. i had to go thank the bank for this. do you come here often? >> as much as i can. i'm an intern entrepreneur. people are benefiting from this. going on for the next several minutes but started at about 7:30. it's random acts of kindness week. frank's pro motions. me melissa carl son gave me an orange and said it was for
8:35 am
it's just pay it forward. if you have something done for you. do it for someone else. well, for decades, tom dollen has made community involvement a major port of his business plan. he's giving back in more ways that you can even begin to count. >> quite a guy and family man, shep by check inside with the dollen family to give you an update on how he's doing. >> at the grand opening of the largest dollen dealership in october, it was friend of the family that said tom dollen was not well. >> gratitude and members that have made us strong. >> just a month earlier, dollen
8:36 am
incurable lung disease and pull minar fibrosis. >> he's a salesman and can put on the face and tell everybody, he's fine, but he's scared. >> a lung transplant and double bypass heart surgery are what needed to be. ? jab he underwe said a 12 hour surgery when a donor lung became available. for the first time, his dad had to get go of the wheel, put his faith in others. >> we went into the whole procedure when he was gonna have the surgery thinking it was gonna be in the hospital for three to four weeks and he got out in 8 days. >> just 8 days. it's been an amazing recovery so far. dollen surprising his own doctors. they say what comes around goes around and ryan isn't ruling out dad's good deeds over the year ands all the thoughts and
8:37 am
>> it reals makes you happy to be a part of northern nevada, wash ho county. all the stuff i've been involved in. we can't thank the community enough. >> he's recovering at a home in arizona checking back into the may you clinic for blood tests and check ups every couple weeks. the last several months have put things into perspective with just about everyone with the dollen name. >> we get caught up in every day life and every day life struggles and business and this and our careers and our professions and our family ands all the little things that it really makes you stop and think, you know, it all could end tomorrow. i mean, for any one of us. >> ryan hopes his dad will be able to come home? june and enjoy a new lease on life. the dollen brothers ryan and brady will continue with the
8:38 am
automotive empire and it's unlikely his dad will ever completely hand over all the keys. >> he says he's retired but he'll never be retired. >> everybody have a great time and let's go party and just everybody enjoy each other. love everyone. >> thoughts and prayers with the dollen family for sure. that was shelby reporting fur us this morning. ryan said the commune support and concern for his dad has simply been amazing. >> he's very thankful for the employees who's had to really keep on tom of things as of late while all the dollens are focusing on this health creakiest. great job. talking sports next. how about a little baseball? pitcher ands catchers major league basketball.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:42 am
received preseason recognition welcome back, everybody. a new edition is coming to reno. something you may not expect. we have those sweet treats. everybody loves to go for the bagels and cream cheese. talk a lit the bit about it sean and anton. owner of rounds . business has been incredible for you; right? >> it has. we're going on two years next month. >> that's incredible. you guys are adding something now and tell me ability it. what's knew for you guys? >> we're taking our creativity to a new level and fusing it with alcohol. we have a couple drinks here. this is our syriarch which salted car tina. our house made sir rain chances which caramel sauce and line
8:43 am
>> i wish you could smell the sugar. it's amazing. the strawberries. what is this right here? >> that's our variation of a strawberry short cake. . it's a short glaze. a mall but chip cream. >> a sweet treat from rounds but also a bit of an alcohol twist. why decide to go and move on over to another part? >> elves, we look add @ from this perspective, we had the facility available to use. we've been using it for special events for quite some time and get ago demand from the community to add an alcohol component so we bide decided to fill a niche here in the market. we're very excited about .t all the stuff is very which i am sideway cal. very fun -- whimsical. and a lot of fun with it. >> a lot of great obviously treats there but love the local
8:44 am
it's another chance to buy local and try out new things. when you guys someone asks for someone, you guys do everything people. we love that. where can people find when is it starting, what is it call inside. >> evening got just a little sweeter. >> love that name. >> 294 east mosna lain. >> this night is gonna be startings up? >> doing a soft open in friday evening then our launch will be march 10. >> do you need to call ahead of time? >> common down .v a drink, and some fun. >> love .t we're gonna try it now as well. thanks, guys. appreciate it. love that. phil, over to you. >> thank you very much, guys. appreciate it. my mic fell off again.
8:45 am
the mountain west announced it's all conference team. chris indian and bryce. went 8-2 on the mound last year with the 2.3era. third best batting average in the west and brooks was the conference player of the year with the top batting afternoon in the mown tailgate party tan west posting a 3.65 on the mound. head coach tj says his pitching rotation set for the opening series in weekend in arizona and no surprise to see christian gelling the call for the first game for the team's schedule double header against northwestern on friday at 1:00 p.m.. mark start game two. it's coming off tomny john surgy and expected to be a big port of this team's staff this season.
8:46 am
the mound in the finale on sunday. turning to football, nfl commissioner took a 9 million- dollar pay cut in 20913-2014 season. it shows he took the pay cut but still made more than all but one nfl player that season. his sally was $39.4 million. only player with a higher salary player that year, aaron rodgers thanks to a huge signing bonos three $38.3 million that year. nfl ended it's not for profit stat us last year. can't believe it took that long. won't have to disclose the commissioner's pay just like in other leagues. where she a winter storm arriving across the area right now.
8:47 am
area ya and now down into the valley locations. increase of rain and snow shower activity. first activity above 7 feet then lower into the overnight hours tonight. right could be to the valley floor locations by tomorrow morning. not expecting much of an accumulation on the floors. a may noraccumulation is possible. 356 in town. it's windy and cloudy across the area. 29 miles per hour winds sustained gusting into the 40 miles per hour range at the airport. 34 percent humidity and cloudy skies at the airport as well. 30, 40, 50s across the area. the storm coming in is gonna bring colder air and bring some moisture too so winds are picking up across the area. couple light showers have spilled over the mountain into west central nevada right now and look up into the sierra, especially the southern half of the sierra, upper elevations getting their first doses of snow. first wave of moisture more to come and the bulk of the
8:48 am
so this evening into tonight and tapering tomorrow. rain and snow showers tomorrow morning. by tomorrow morning, the snow level lowers right down to the valley floor as well so some snow flakes for your morning commute tomorrow. heads up for that. especially in the foothills. that's when you're gonna have a better chance to run in to some commute. sierra. the rest are wind related. wind advisory in nosh california for 20 to 35 miles per hour winds out of the south gusts at timing to 55 miles per hour. winds prone area 65 to 70. 20 to 30 miles per hour going to 50 and wave heights for 3 to 5 feet. 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. tonight. western nevada including reno- sparks, carson city, douglas county, min donahoo and garden
8:49 am
warning, south winds 25 to 30 as high as 70 miles per hour. that went into effect at 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. tonight. heads up for the winds today. most of the moisture, starting to see some of the moisture but most of the moisture will be this evening through tomorrow morning and tapers off through the day tomorrow which means by tomorrow afternoon, a little bit breezy out there but things will be calmer as far as the pre-cip is concerned and going into the wreaked for most of us. a weak system passing off from friday night into saturday. most will remain dry with that one so going with dry conditions and warmer temperatures on the way into next week as well. donald trump is refusing to bark like hillary clinton. yes, you heard that right. during a monday speech clinton did a pretty good small dog
8:50 am
>> than the internet began barking bat at her. trump isn't barking back either. >> the internet nips as hillary for her doggy imitation. >> opposing music video ands movie clips. >> bark like a dog. >> all because hillary told a story act an old political add that featured a dog train today bark at lies. wouldn't that come in handy for following around her republican rival she said. every time they say these things like oh, the great recession was caused by two much -- bark bark. >> one that donald trump refused to emma late. >> if i ever did that, i would be ridiculed all over the place. i won't do it. i'm not gonna imitate here so they'll be no barking.
8:51 am
ridicule, an actual dog barking at a trump rally last month was one of the many mocking peoples macing the rounds. what was that? was that a dog? i uh. it's hillary. >> it's enough to make tie jump the insult dog. >> is true you try today shut down the government so you could go to a nickel-back concert. >> overshawn murphy doughed on the campaign trail. hillary is in the puppy league compare today a guy dubbed psycho dog man. an australia retiree went viral after imitating some neighborhood dogs. they came bounding over. his imitation was remixed and even scared real dogs. those psycho dog man suffered some of the exact same mockery.
8:52 am
>> who let the dogs out? >> cnn new york. >> oh, social media. just never lets anything kind of die down, does it? nothing gets the point across like a good old dog bark. >> that's right.
8:53 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
be right back welcome back, everyone. well, we have something in common with with dog, was only thinking about smacks being shown at the west minister kennel show. he is at one of the most famous dog shows spending his whole thymoin the ring trying to get pockets. that's what we look like when someone brings in doughnuts in the studio. >> dogs can't help that. the winds are picking up and moisture picking up through the day today. most of it is through this evening and snow level starts out pretty high. much thousand and dops down to the floor. more coverage at noon today on fox 11.
8:57 am
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put those rocks in your pockets . a bride and groom get ready to rumble on the way to the wedding. >> i don't know what this guy could have been apart from by the way about his sister. >> see if he can convince her to get to the church on time. a guide leading skiers spots something and everybody stops. what's hiding in the snow that had them terrified. kids are riding high at the scottsdale arabian horse show where -- >> i got to see the most gorgeous horses i have ever seen. >> what happens when she finally high jacks the saddle. >> i love him.


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